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February 2017 - A major spiritual Impulse is under way


C is telling me, that in February 2017 will be a culmination of a major spiritual impulse coming in. The graph below shows how the wave will progress. I will have to investigate more in order to know how it will be felt, how it will affect us.  As with the three major impulses before this one, that is 35'000, 4'200 and 2'000 years ago, its impact will be felt for decades if not centuries. Some people will be more open to it and feel it more than others.

Yet, in november 2015 we can observe major changes being initiated by the mass immigration into Europe, the 'breaking down' of barriers between us and the invisible (but perceivable) world of nature spirits, light beings, and the divine dimension in general. Possibly another ground breaking event is under way:   the spreading of the Keshe Magrav energy provider, that, if proven efficient, would completely change within very few years the way our energy supply functions. If these three signs are an expression of this major impulse, than we can expect quite something by february 2017, not necessarily frightening but certainly challenging.

In June 2015 C predicted the blue version of this change under way.  A year later, june 2016, things seem to have accelerated - see green progression.

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