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A Wider Self

The Science of Spiritual Healing II

The first volume of ‘The Science of Spiritual Healing’ introduced the subtle anatomy of man as tought by Bob Moore including methods to accept and transform all that was holding us back: emotions, fears, and the ego. It is a long journey towards oneself. The ‘Wider Self’ looks at questions like: What is causing suffering? What is the function of suffering? What ends suffering? What creates permanent change in a person? What is the role of the soul? What is spirituality? Then, when we reach the ‘heart of the matter’, so to speak, we can let go of it all, the narrow concept of ourselves and start to explore the wider Self, the vast possibilities of the human being. There is no longer any need to strive for something. All is here. We can finally open ourselves up to a wider more joyous and compassionate horizon. This does not create a distance to people and the everyday world, on the contrary: this wider space contains it all. We can now discover and expand into a series of fascinating new layers in our aura: our spiritual aura, the soul layers, the divine layer, the planetary and cosmic layers. We can embrace it all and perceive solutions for suffering, the numerous problems of our time and find hope and trust in the divine dimension and in who we really are.


Over the recent years I was lead to realise that there were 7 more energy fields outside the 'spiritual aura' as Bob Moore would use the term. These show us how the permanent part of our soul informs the three temporary layers next to the spiritual aura with the characteristics and tasks to be dealt with in this life:  the etheric blue print, the strongly felt themes & the ideals and beliefs. These are then translated into the causal aura and the three layers of the reflector ether.

The layers further out (planetary and cosmic consciousness layers) show structures and events that strongly influence our personal lives. These structures in turn feed into astral structures or resisting obstacles we need to fully get to terms with before a deeper healing can occur.

This made me understand the importance of the factors that push us to growth:  1. the aspiration of our soul, 2. suffering, and 3. Divine Grace. The suffering part includes 'inner' personal structures (emotions) and 'outer' pressures like astral forces as well as structures laying further out (in the layers beyond the two permanent soul layers:  the essence layer and the divine soul layer).

(see also the page on auragramms here on the website)



Table of contents

Introduction - Impulses and non-physical sources of information - the brain is translating impulses into thoughtson intuition, inspiration, channelling and guidesinvestigations into the subjects of this book:  The new layers of the aura - the eight layers of the etheric – the three temporary soul layers - transpersonal healing – the wider dimension of the soul - anchoring in the physical as priority - the deeper meaning of body parts - 13 circulations – expansion into the wider Self - Working with auragrams -  The mental aura and its structures -  Auragram Case studies –  On the use of sound - crystal soundsdoors and portalseight layers of the etheric and the Aulos modesthe transformation potential of sound Appendices – Christ and our inner resistances - The 12 labours of Hercules - The Black Virgin - List of books - 


The themes in this book are very much ‘a work in progress’ and are not meant to be a fixed theory. I may very well write some aspects of it differently in a few months or years. (See page 84 Ignatius: ‘Truth is not stagnant’) The following questions will stay in the foreground of this book: What causes suffering? What is the function of suffering? What ends suffering? What creates permanent change in a person? What is spirituality? What is the function of the soul? Deep changes seem to come about through the aspiration of the soul, divine grace and suffering. Suffering has two components: an 'inner' pressure (emotional, physical and mental problems) and an 'outer' pressure created by intrusive events (pollution, politics, crisis, etc.) and forces of all kinds that we may attract. The fact of being on Earth - that is our incarnation process - means that a good connection with the physical dimension is central. That is where Bob Moore's work is invaluable. This is described in the first volume. In this present volume II I am starting with the new layers of the etheric, which are inside and outside the physical body. There seems to be a new necessity to take the aspect of 'outer' pressures and related prayers more into account in what becomes a more global healing process.


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