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And the Angels 3 pedal harp space copy.j

Album on Pedal Harp:      And the Angels...

It is delicate to write about angels. Playing the music was easy. Yet, I do not use titles and words just to impress. Although I have not seen angels, I felt a presence, an energy structure around the quartz crystal that has been there for days. I wrote about these energy structures in my book on 'Earth Healing' (french and german only at the moment). I have been studying energy and teaching about spiritual healing for some fourty years by now. I know when I sense an energy structure. I have to ask with my Hartmann antenna what or who it is I sense as energy. This time they said this new type of energy structure of 135° was linked to a number of angelic spheres. They were asking for me to play the harp. You can read about it in my booklet 'The Harp in Distant Healing'. So, that is what I did. I cannot graps nor understand it, yet I can play what I feel. And here is the musical result. Enjoy. 


In the space between notes clouds of sound and feelings emerge, that send waves of energy around the world, into the hearts of visible and invisible beings. It is within these spaces that the magic happens. What I do as a musician, in terms of notes, is not so important as the physical harp and its strings only serve to draw subtle energies down to the earth. All is circulation, a giving and a receiving, an exchange of inspiration with felt manifestation. The only purpose is to serve, heal, and remind us of the essence.


My music is improvised and I find that letting go of notes, melodies, rhythm, repetitive patterns of chords and written music, gives me a maximum of freedom in expressing musically. Miles Davies once said that there are no wrong notes and that after an unusual note it all depends on how you play the following notes.

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