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The tasks of a landscape angel

Nature Spirits

Very large Elementals Healing

The Dagda and the Cristal

In the Irish-Celtic mythology the Dagda is a powerful god of the Tuatha De Danann, the tribe of the ancient Irish gods.

For a while now I have been working with a quartz cristal. I noticed that energy lines were converging towards the cristal. Then I noticed that there was a being next to it, then two. One was larger than the other. The smaller one actually was the aprentice of the big one. They told me that they from now on were helping me in my work. I asked them who they were and if they were Dakinis. The big one answered 'no', the Dakinis were their Indian and Tibetan cousins and that here in western Europe they were called Dagdas. They were created by the celtic-irish God of same name and were a whole tribe. They told me that they were male and that they were going to help me use the cristal for a particular kind of healing.

One of the first lines led me outside in the forest some twenty meters away. I found there a nature spirit, a undine (a water spirit) that came from the source in the nearby field. She told me that I had written something in my recent book "Faith is the Bridge" that was not exact. I had written that the first source of the valley was further down near a little pond. The undine said this was not correct as she was situated higher up in the valley and therefor the first source, to be exact. I had to correct this, which I promised. The incident may sound insignificant, but I realized that an injustice creates an unbalance and that this should be corrected no matter how small the problem seemed to be.

This was at the beginning of a never ending series of Devas, landscape angels and elementals that come to ask for help. This first case had been caused by me it was quite easy to correct. This is not the case for the numberless stories that followed and come to me in a rhythm of about two cases a day.

Their problems can concern an unbalance caused by insects, animals, humans, etc. Each time I am being told the distance from the cristal and the direction. On google maps I then can locate them exactly. To see them in their actual contaxt allows me often to better understand the nature of their problem. Practically always I would say a prayer for them and ask the competent beings from the divine field to come and help. The nature of the problems being always quite outside my personal capacities.

A Deva from a defined sector in a forest complained about five badgers in her little forest. They were too many in her little forest and therefor cwere causing damages to the trees, as I understood. The Deva asked me to talk to the group soul of the badgers to bring some of the badgers to move on; which I did and the energy line disappeared. The Deva confirmed that the problem was about to be resolved. Which I was very glad to hear since I would not have knows what else I could have possibly contributed.

While staying near Bern a while ago a far more 'serious' or complex case was presented to me. A landscape angel - they usually are looking after a circular area of  a ray of 1 km  - knocked at 'my door'. He is situated near the atomic mailer of Mühleberg near Bern. He explained that the power station had caused a pollution of radiation that reached some 200m under the surface of the earth and that nobody seemed to notice nor to do anything about it. I had no idea at first what to do. The Dagda told me that I had to add to the prayer an energy attention exercise using a triangle from the solar plexus (the fire area of the body) reaching down to two points some 200m under my feet. That day we happened to be a small meditation group which aggreed to take part in this healing. Some of us had the clear impression during the meditation that this had had a positive effect on the situation. And indeed the line had disappeared as everybody could see/feel.

Obviously there are many things that are beyond our understanding and this was one of them. I realized though that since the Dagda was directing these requests to me it meant that he knew I could handle them and help create the necessary links between the being in trouble and any 'specialists' required - and this obviously even if we usually cannot grasp how it exactly works. I know that prayer and distant healing have their effects and this through bringing light beings into action with specific demands of people.

All this reminded me of something I read in the Flensburger Hefte in one of their brilliant interviews with a great nature spirit. That spirit said that a time had come now in evolution where the angels were slowly withdrawing from directing and helping the nature spirits and that it was up to us humans to take on that role. Maybe this exactly what is happening here.

I can see an explanation to this:  We human beings have for too long abused nature and ignored the numerous beings who work constantly to keep every tree, every lake, every single orchard, forest, etc; in a balance.  The moment therefor seems to have come where we have to participate more consciously in the healing of unbalances in nature. Buddhists pray that all our actions may benefit all sentient beings. This includes obviously also all these nature spirits, Devas and landscape angels.

What I seem to have understood is that the Dagdas are beings of enorm experience and wisdom concerning the complete past of our earth. While you may find that you can replace the cristal with any object, it facilitates particularly this type of energy work. Remember cristals have been used in the old radio receivers when finetuning to find a particular radio station and frequency.

What amuses me as harpist is that the god Dagda is said to have had a magical harp.

The healing work with the Dagda and the cristal gives   us an idea of the actual tasks of a landscape angel, these beings we find just above the Devas.



                                             Our task consits of connecting the beings who need                                                    help with the specialists in the divine dimension who                                                can provide that help, very much like a switchboard                                                    operater of olden days.











Healing Work for very large Elementals

Since september 2018 the Dadga has constructed communication lines with some very large Elementals:  earth, water, fire, air, and of the 5th typeI will report about it later. It seems the Dagda is establishing links to a number of healers who each can contribute some aspect of healing for some large scale problems these very large elementals meet. Our contribution here can stem from our understanding of energy healing in connection with the chakras and their respective element.

The tasks of a landscape angel

Often they put me directly in contact with a Deva that is operating in their territory. This Deva then explains her problem to me. Many times though they dont need to explain these details and tell me that a prayer is enough.

- intrusive spirits have appeared on their land

- a nuclear power station has created some pollution 200m under the surface of the earth and nobody seems to notice nor do anything about it

- some lightning has struck that place because of some rock containing iron. This impact has created a major disturbance in the area and caused a.o. permanent health problems with the inhabitants (headaches, problmes with the immune system)

- places where during second world war people have been executed and where souls are still trapped.

pollution of a small river in a forest south of here, caused by an illegal dump

- an important fire elemental tells me about a serious problem with radon gas. His ray of action is 20km and includes the city of Limoges. I can see on a radon map that the communes in that particular area are all in category three danger, which is the highest level of radon. This being tells me that the radon pollution has dramatically risen lately.

- a mermaid near Toulon is complaining about sound pollution from the nsubmarine from the nearby naval base.

- Devas in a forest are overcome with a problem of insects that attack their trees

- in the middle of a field in a clearing, a Deva is asking for help. She does not tell me the details but thinks a prayer will help.

- a vinyard is attacked by insects and the owner is thinking of using chemical products. The Deva would like to avoid this and hopes some healing would send him some other thoughts.

- as the custody of a forest area a Deva tells me that her forest is not cared for and thus vulnerable for intrusive beings; she asks me to pray that the owner would better take care of it.

 they signal me the danger of a fire because of the drought of summer 2016

- a Deva asks for help concerning the intention of a farmer to spread chemicals on her land

- some intrusive beings are being signalled who seem to have a destructive effect of flowers

- a landscape angel describes the situation as a pollution through thoughts. There is a decision to be taken but the two concerned owners cannot find an aggreement.

- a landscale angel reports that a fee of the magical realm that lives on his territory is disturbed by radiation through wifi, mobile telephone masts, etc. she is looking for another area to live in.

- a landscape angel tells me that he has lost the connection with a Deva who lives in the east of his perimeter in a forest.

- similarly a Deva in a clearing is unable to reconnect to her landscape angel who lives though only a few hundred meters away. The reason being a wall of thought/emotions that the owner of a hous have put up against their neighbour on which land the Deva is located. This Deva cannot move through that wall, as they operate in 'straight lines'. The prayer I do - and direct to light beings of the divine dimension - helps to make this wall permeable again.

astral beings have created an infection of tics who now carry the lyme disease.

- a Deva informs us about a water pollution in her part of the forest

- the owner of a forest is planning to cut all the trees of his part of the forest, thus destroying the complete forest life; the Deva hopes our intervention could bring the owner a differend appreciation of this complex ecosystem and thus finding a less destructive way of exploioting his forest

- a landscape angel wants simply to share an information:  his territory is NOT round, as I usually thought, but is shapes by two little rivers coming together on his territory

- the emanation of mobile telephone masts are affecting the orchard with fruit trees nearby

- insects attacking the trees

- a landscape angel and a Deva tell me that there are too many stags on their land and they damage the trees

- a Deva in a part of the forest is complaining that the hunters are leaving behind empty bullet shells

- a Deva in a forest has got a problem with a group of wild boars that are damaging the forest

- some stagnant water on the territory of this landscape angel is located on an abandoned piece of land, which is no longer looked after by light beings and nature spirits.

Obviously this makes us reflect on our role in connection with this type of problems which mostly are beyond our comprehension and seemingly our means of action. Fortunatly we are only mediators or intermediaries, as the landscape angels actually as well. When we remember that prayer and distand healing do have measurable effects, we can understand taht our mediation is happening on this level. Competent light beings are beings put into action upon our asking and praying. These can have effects on the thoughts of humans, through what they probably would call intuitions or sudden insights. These energies would in a similar way find their way into the mind of animal group souls or insects, etc. The essential seeming to be our action, our asking for help and through this our adressing the invisible contribution of all appropriate light beings.

There is a whole complex hierarchy of angel beings down to the level of the landscape angels, then the Devas and finally to the nature spirits. When a spirit of a tree or a flower has a problem, he goes to the Deva. If the Deva cannot solve the problem they themselves will ask their superior (in experience and wisdom) which is the landscape angel, the latter might go further to the angel of the region, this one to the angel of the nation, etc. The angel hierarchy as well sends 'down' inspiration of divine quality which finally reach the different nature spirits.

Nature Spirits


They are taking care of a tree, a flower, a bush, a brook, a pond, etc. In order to understand the complexity of their work there is a wonderful little film on youtube in french by the excellent soil biologist Claude Bourgignon 'Microbiologie des sols'. Without being a biologist myself I imagine that nature spirits have to take care of the microbiological balance, the hydrology of a plant, its stability and orientation of new branches, its root system, the processes of maturation of flowers and fruits (salamander), the negotiation with neighbouring plants and trees for the sharing of the space, the protection from certain insects, etc. There are four types of nature spirits connected to the four elements:  gnomes (earth element, root work, bark, woody parts), undines (water element, leaves, stems, hydrological circulation), salamander (fire element, flowers, maturation, fruits), sylphes (element air, sents, perfume, pollen). These are the 'craftsmen' so to speak.

The 'architects and designers' are the spirits of form. They create the etheric blueprint of a plant, flower or tree, with its lines of force along which matter will manifest. The 'building site manager' then comes into action. He is the spirit of the plant and instructs and supervises the 'craftsmen' .

Somewhere I feel it is pretty naive to think it sufficiant to plant a seed into the earth and that all the rest on a chemical, biological etc. level, would happen just by magic - even though of course the whole process would remain for us pretty 'magical'.

For more details see my book 'Faith is the Bridge' - angels, light beings and energy fields' or the german Flensburger Hefte and their rare translation into english with their numerous excellent interviews with nature spirits of all kinds.

I descover recently a fairy bush. Fairies belong to the mythical realm and are not nature spirits. They are not concerned about the growth process of plants e.g. but rather about the atmosphere and the feeling of a place. (including the clouds, winds, rain, fog, etc.) They contribute joy, lightness, playfullness.

Landscape angels in the Vézère Valley, Dordogne

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