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How to embrace Suffering and Beauty

Harpmusic for Contemplation on the Events of our Time


The dramatic events of our time are dropping on us every week if not every day with their sufferings.

At the same time we can see and feel the incredible beauty of creation, nature and human achievements.

How can we embrace both, stay centered with staying aware of both.

This starts first of all in us:  embracing our beauty and our suffering, without rejeting or neglecting one or the other.

The bonus of opening our hearts is the perception of beauty and the feeling of joy, the 'price' is compassion or the perception of suffering ...with loving kindness.


I will add periodically some harp music inspired by an event. My endeavour is to invite in, with that music, a higher level of inspiration that is beyond the duality mentionned and thus can help us to raise to that level of compassion and expression.


for downloading:  album:  How to embrace.....

Light for Planet Nice 14/7/16

Bagdad Prayer

Prayer for Europe

PariSyria 13/11/2015


into the Heart of Europe

Katmandu 25/4/2015

Transmediterranean Migration

38 Million Refugees & Displaced

Asian Boatpeople May 2015

Garowe 20/4/2015


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