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‘Spiritual Healing,
the use of Sound, Music improvisation
using the understanding of the 5 Elements’


Exploring the deeper aspects of sound and the healing processes leads us to discover our own depth, the path to stillness, the essence of Mind, of the Divine in us.
Experience in meditation required. This international course is designed as a continuous group which meets one or two times a year. The main language will be English, though translation into German or French can be offered when necessary. 
Subjects :   inner transformation through energy awareness exercises and the cooperation with spiritual dimensions; the 5 elements in the psycho-energetic makeup of man and in diagnostic and treatment (earth, water, fire, air, space); the effects of sound on the energy fields (human as well as in nature); discernment between intuition and emotion (ego); treatments in cooperation with spiritual guidance; dream interpretation; contact healing, sound healing, distance healing. Depending on the participants interest the courses can emphasize sound healing or music therapy. Deepening our understanding of the energy fields and their structures.
We'll be advancing in studying the soul level and how our present life has been designed by our soul and how to heal these deeper layers of the soul, of hereditary or transpersonal patterns.
The strength in using sound is its combination with consciousness and the understanding of energy. The teaching of techniques will not be in the foreground as each one ultimately needs to find their own way of working and their own access to intuition. To encourage and practice this is one of the objectives of these courses. Too much technique can often get in the way. We shall therefore be working with easy instruments:  voice, singing bowls, Tibetan bells, gong, etc.
Venue :  Centre du Vallon - Dordogne
Accomodation :  book soon as it will be the beginning of the tourist season, we can help you find a place (camp site, holiday house to share with other group members, individual solutions)

Daniel Perret Le Vallon, F-24290 Sergeac - 0033 5 53 50 80 38  -



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