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Feelings are the Pathway to your Soul

​A collection of texts by Bob Moore.

Bob’s teachings are essentially an oral transmission. This included numerous exercises, meditations and practices. These are passed on by his students and cannot, in my conviction, be part of this, nor any other book. Oral transmission is by far more precise and complete than any written transmission. This has been proved scientifically …and through experience. Oral transmission therefore needs a teacher, someone to explain, to show, to answer questions, to give a sense of what is happening while doing exercises and meditations, a sharing in a group where one can also see how rich and manifold the individual experience can be around the same exercise. One needs to have the guidance of a teacher who has practiced them for a long time themselves and therefore can encourage and guide how often they should be done and when.

This present collection mainly includes texts about development and the right attitude to growth of mind and compassion. We have not included exercises, meditations and practices, and have avoided technical descriptions about energy structures (chakras, energy points, energy fields, etc.), nor will you find much about the transpersonal psychology Bob has linked to all these structures. All these aspects are either better taught or, where suitable, published in some books. You’ll find a list at the end of this book.

We’ll include a single exercise at the end, so that the new reader can get a sense of what those exercises were about. The way to do them is explained in detail in ‘The Science of Spiritual Healing’, which is essentially based on Bob Moore’s teachings. The present texts have been transcribed from audio tapes. They cannot be a substitute to personal discipline and transformation exercises or meditation. They are though a beautiful complement and companion.

The reason to publish this collection of quotes from Bob Moore comes out of the realisation that as good one’s own teaching can be, second generation students of Bob’s work will never be able to hear his unique way of explaining the develop-ment process, the aim of spiritual growth and his ‘philosophy’. Bob had a unique way of expressing himself, very clear, very heartfelt and never just intellectual. We think this comes through in this selection of texts from him. They are beautiful windows into our soul’s journey.

Although he was deeply connected with the spiritual world, Bob saw it as his task to help us ground spiritual energies. He thus developed a unique way of connecting us to our body, to precise parts of it and to discover the deeper purpose of each energy point, each part of the body. In doing this he managed to make us realise the link between the subconscious, the body, our ego and emotions and how to transform them in order to allow our deeper essence to manifest and express.

This collection of texts came about urged by the desire of ‘second generation’ Bob students to know more about Bob Moore and the felt knowledge he managed to bring over to us. This is a selection of talks he gave during courses. We have given the reference at the end of this book. These texts have brought us insights and understanding even when reading them, some up to 30 years after they had been given. They are timeless inspirations. They are treasures. May your heart be open to let them sink in.

The essence of his teachings may well be expressed in the title of this book:   “Feelings are the pathway to your soul.”  Indeed, when we endeavour to understand the essential part of ourselves and of life, we turn to the spiritual dimension and to how it is felt deep within us. By definition there is nothing to measure, nor to weigh or see with our physical eyes in the spiritual realm. In order to explore it we can only do so through our feelings. Feelings are not just part of the upper astral, or transformed emotions, but extend beyond this. So that when experiencing the spiritual in search for our soul, our higher self, the deepest or divine part of ourselves, we must rely on our feelings. Once we have transformed our subconscious we get a clearer access to intuition and can more easily discern between genuine feelings and the illusions of the ego. Then we can train ourselves to acquire a precision in observing and expressing feelings.

In reading these teachings one has to be aware that they were given in a specific context:  a) of a certain group, b) of a certain time and c) during a particular phase of Bob’s teachings. In the1980’s  Bob would often talk of developing the pineal, whereas in the 1990’s and later he put more emphasis on working with more precise points, such as the reflector point, blend point, above ear points and the centre of the head. Similarly he practically dropped talking about the ID- or Individuality-Point and talked more about the focus position instead, realising probably, that this position was the obstacle to work on if one would want to get a real contact to the ID-Pont.

I know for myself that Bob is still very much engaged in teaching, even though he is now dwelling in the spiritual dimension. You cannot talk about and believe in the spiritual dimension and imagine that a soul like his just disappears. Nor do we when we die. He is still present, so is the deep feeling of these texts.



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