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This has been intriguing me for most of my life. When I wrote my first book 'Music - The Feeling Way' or the translated French title 'The Subtle Effects of Music', I always wanted to put the finger on why some music can stir so deep feelings in us and how that can come about, how can a musician contribute to it. This search concerns in the mean time all the arts, all genuine artistic expression. By 'genuine' I mean art that is not dictated alone by greed, ego and the market.


Very recently, while writing my book 'Faith is the Bridge', I got a list of levels of inspiration. There are actually four lists:  

1I On what level does a piece of art affect the etheric ?

2) What levels of the astral are involved ?

3) What levels of the mental are involved ?

4) Form which of the 21 spiritual levels does the inspiration come from ?


I am writing in great details about it in my book 'Creating Divine Art - On the Source of Inspiration'. We may be in contact with a level of inspiration, but this does not mean we are making full use of it. We may use only a fragment of the available energy of inspiration.

Click on picture to go straight to the other examples further down this page.

After having moved through a cathartic or purifying phase in artistic expression we might wonder where new inspirations and ideas come from. This book gives a unique insight into the divine field of consciousness and the different kinds of impulses and purposes behind genuine art. It is bringing answers about beauty, the ultimate and perfection for amateurs and professional artists in all arts:  dance, painting, music, writing, architecture, photography, etc. A group of spirit beings has contributed the many detailed explanations around more than 100 colour photos of works of art. 176 pages

A. Schönberg '5 Pieces' - Part 2 / Past

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Livre:  Créer de l'Art Divin - Prix  26.- € frais d'envoi inclus

In this book I have been drawing a map that was given to me. It is the map of the origins of artistic inspiration. There are two parts of equal importance:  the ‘lowlands’ that were mapped through psychology throughout the 20th century; they are the lands of ego and suffering – the ‘highlands’ is what I have tried to describe; they are the lands of divine inspiration and beauty. The lowlands lead to the highlands; the highlands help us understand the lowlands. Between the two there is a passage, the passage of transformation from suffering to beauty:  it is called - the heart.


The following lists are explained in the book in much more details. They are NOT meant to be measurements in the usual sense. They simply inform us from what corner or area an artistic expression is coming from. It is not about one level being better than the other. Like one tree is not better than another tree, but different.


Artists by nature are searching, consciously or unconsciously, to express the Divine, the Absolute, the Ultimate. The artist is therefor in constant confrontation with the suffering of not 'getting there'. There is a way out of that suffering. May these lines contribute to it.


Getting in a real contact with these levels takes time and a lot of work on oneself. One cannot permanently get a real contact to higher levels if one is stuck in the ego and has not successfully worked with and transformed one's shadow. This IS the journey, the challenge. So, no use to get intellectual about the following. It is only through one's genuine heart contact that one can progress in understanding. You are welcome to write to me or read my books for some more details. This whole area is impossible for us to understand completely, specially the higher levels of the spiritual plane. We need to keep our feet on the ground and be humble and patient while 'walking our path of life'. This IS the real way forward. Higher concepts are not meant for us to get lost in. That is leading nowhere useful. To use a metaphor:  It is good to know we are on a pilgrimage to 'Compostella' or any Holy place. This gives us the direction, but ours is the walking, every step.


It is not possible to 'will' any level of inspiration other than to raise one's own level of vibration, or one's acceptance of the Divine in us, so that a real cooperation with these levels can come about. Though once in a while such a contact can come about spontaneously, personal work of transformation is necessary to make it more permanent.


Nevertheless I hope that these lines open a window of understanding and will allow art again to progress so as to become more often an expression of the Divine, to inspire, to bring visions for humanity. Some of my wordings and concepts may stem from 'my' christian background - that is where I come from and what I understand best - but they can be translated to any other religious context. They are universal.


The invisible levels of perception

Though the following may draw us a map it is not meant to be complete. It is a work in progress.

We have 21 levels on the higher feelings plane, 32 on the mental plane, 24 on the astral plane, and numerous etheric levels, in my understanding the etheric being the interface between all levels and the physical. It is - just as the physical - also a level of manifestation. Where as the mental and astral plane are both:  places where an aspect of inspiration comes from and as well as creating an effect on a person by experiencing a work of art.

The spiritual or Divine Field is very likely also both:  source of inspiration and getting affected by human activity - there is a circulation happening between 'them' and us.

We are clearly not used to thinking in those categories. It may feel difficult e.g. to imagine why, on the etheric level, we might have such a great number of levels. 

Here my take on it:   While on a physical level different species cohabit parallel often through their different sizes (ants and humans) or milieus (water animals, rain forest, air, under the earth), the non visible worlds coexist parallel through often being on different frequency levels. One level often not being able to perceive the other. This explains the numerous levels of the etheric as there are numerous parallel 'etheric worlds'. You can compare it to the many radio stations or TV channels you can tune in to and that exist parallel to each other.


In the Perception of spirit beings one can at first sometimes just be tuning into them on a lower etheric level, just perceiving them as energy structures, and miss out on the higher feeling level for instance.

Higher feelings or spiritual plane          (21 levels)

This list is a work in progress and most likely will always be, as our understanding will remain very limited. I have for the moment only few parallel hierarchies:  the Devas-Landscape angels-Nation angel, etc. / The levels of man (aura in a wider sense) / the Christian hierararchy of angels. I have explained quite a bit on that list in my book 'Faith is the Bridge'. A lot more research an maturation needs to come about in order to make the following list more detailed and useful. It is a beginning.

These levels can only be experienced through the reflector ether. The higher feelings seem to come in through the middle (words, thoughts) and the upper reflector ether (for all the higher feelings that are not conveyed through words and thoughts).


1     -  landscape or area angels, quality aura of a human being, Devas, dakinis, 

          'christic' nature spirits of the 5th kind

2     -  the three temporary soul layers, creators of  forms

          angels of small lakes, rivers and minor deserts like the Namibian desert                          

3     -  angels of larger lakes and rivers, Kali, strato cirrus cloud Angels

       -  regional angels; Gobi & Sahara desert angels

4     -  Indonesian tropical forest angel, shamanic light inspirations, some of the non-intrusive ET's

       -  the 8 Beings of the Magic realm, Deva Queens

       -  Angels and guardians of sacred sites

5     -  Amazonian and equatorial african tropical forest angels, Sophia, Deva Empress

       -  wisdom of animals, large Elves

6     -  nation angels   (art that is inspired by and helps shape the spirit of a particular nation)

7     -  angel of Europe, of Middle East, of North America, a continent, etc.

8     -  ocean angels:  Atlantic, Pacific, etc., angel of smaller mountain range like Pyrenees, Appalachians

          Essence layer of the soul; non-intrusive ET's (e.g. from Pegasus)

       -  underlying structures of life, angel of science, knowledge & education

       -  respect for life and creation

9     -  mountain range angels:   Ural, Himalaya, Alps

          the very large Elementals  (earth, water, fire, air, 5th type), volcanoes

          Divine soul layer, St. Bridget

10   -  planet Earth angel

11   -  church angels   (protecting altar, statues, etc.), guardians of souls and mind streams, guardian angels

  • Archangels of creativity, service, sound, prayer, justice, wisdom, personal transformation, hope & aspiration

  • Archangels of healing (Raphael), teaching (Uriel), light (Michael), divine will (Hesediel)

12   -  Archaï, PrincipalitiesLordships  leading the earth leaders, people and communities

13   -  Kyriotetes:  

  • instructing the duties of the angels below them; their energy is pure grace;

  • transmission of the teachings of christ

  • monitoring and participating in earth healing e.g. for very large elementals

  • Ignacio de Loyola, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Theresa d'Avila, St. Hildegard

14   -  Exusiai - Powers: 

  • protecting the heavenly spheres from all negative influences of the earthly spheres. Keep the world in balance and especially the balance with the dark forces.

  • Directing the Regional Angels

15   -  Dynameis - Virtues: directing the cycles of the planets; virtues of harmony and cooperation including                     celestial harmony and the wisdom of extraterrestrians; spirits of house blessing ceremonies

16   -  Dominions - leading the angels of the earth, of continents and nations

17   -  Cupidos    high angels of the Arts, love and beauty

18   -  Thrones  angels or spirits of divine will and life energy, giving impulses of direction for humanity

19   -  Cherubim  angels or spirits of harmony and wisdom

20   -  Seraphim  angels or spirits of light & fire, igniters

21   -  Black Madonna, Christ, Creator, Holy Spirit, Buddha



Spirit of our time - Zeitgeist

is not an angel, and is connected to the planet earth usually,

As a 'Dorfgeist' or 'spirit of a town' it would be connected to a village for instance or a town, country, etc.

These types of spirit beings are a conglomerate of an egregore (human thought forms and emotions)  and the manyfold influences of angels like the spirit or angel of evolution, as well as the indirect result on the egregore of the angel of science, arts, inventions and other divine impulses. The inspiration coming from the spirit of time therefore is not exactly a divine inspiration, but rather of what is fashionable or "in the air" right now.



Mental plane     (32 levels)    


levels 0-9 is ego / 10-20 is intuition / 21-32 is inspiration and higher feelings


  0-  9 linked to ego and emotions

        1 good intentions

        2 dualistic concepts

        3 wanting to impress others

        4 exaggerated, eccentric, ungrounded creativity       

        5 ego based intellectual concstructs

        6 false ambistions

        7 cultural beliefs

        8 ungrounded ideals

        9 beliefs from erroneous teachings and false authorities

10-12 personal wisdom and experience

      10 of karmic nature

      11 result of coperation with the non physical light beings

      12 present life wisdom

13-16 e.g. ET's information

      13 ET technology

      14 ET energy knowhow

      15 ET wisdom   (philosophy, social matters, governance)

      16 ET visions of the future

17-20 light spirit beings and angel information

      17 angel of a nation

      18 energy alignment and balance

      19 Zeitgeist, spirit of our time

      20 angel of groups of nations (e.g. Europe)

21-24 inspirations from archangels

      21 teachings of personal transformation, light into darkness

      22 education

      23 healing, faith, divine will

      24 devotion, service, compassion

      25 principalities   (spiritual issues)

      26 highly evolved spirits pr groups of spirits like 'C', masters

27-32 divine inspiration

      27 nature of light

      28 Underlying concepts of harmony

      29 Underlying concepts of beauty

      30 nature of non-duality

      31 spirit of evolution



Astral plane       (24 levels)

1-12 lower astral   (our painful emotions or ego level)

        1 fear

        2 untruthful

        3 lust

        4 anger

        5 hate

        6 feelings of inferiority/superiority

        7 greed

        8 jealousy, envy

        9 false pride

      10 sarcasm

      11 self pity

      12 sluggishness


13-24 upper astral   (our feelings)

13  -  success, acceptance of the bases of a situation

14  -  surrender to the universal or divine intelligence

15  -  calmness, serenity, naturalness, humbleness

16  -  love, understanding, truth

17  -  joy, celebration of life and creation

18  -  compassion

19  -  faith, trust

20  -  ecstasy, delight

21  -  unity, softness

22  -  freedom of mind and beliefs

23  -  knowing, beingness

24  -  eternity, harmony, love


Etheric levels                   Numerous, possibly much more than 1'000 levels

  1  -  Chemical ether

  2  -  Crystals

  3  -  Water ez state  (fourth state of water, after liquid, ice and vapor)

  4  -  Lower life ether  

  5  -  Light ether 1

  6  -  Light ether 2  

  7  -  Higher life ether

  7  -  Lower reflector ether

  8  -  Middle reflector ether

  9  -  Upper reflector ether, interface for the Divine soul layer energy

10  -  Upper reflector, interface for the Essence soul layer energy

11  -  Upper reflector, interface for the planetary and cosmic layers

12  -  Air fairies, sylphs, gnomes, inspirations from nature spirits in general

13  -  Fire spirits 

14  -  Spine etheric

15  -  etheric level of Pegasian spacecrafts  (possibly also on other levels as multiples of 15)

16  -  Serenity 

20  -  Joy

21  -  Bliss       

22  -  Beauty 

24  -  Compassion, love.  these energies, though from a higher feeling level, do have an impact on the etheric, as practically all other levels do. Also Christ can be felt on the etheric level.



When exploring for instance different pieces of music I get surprising yet quite understandable answers:

Some music is inspired by the 'spirit or angel of the Nation', thus helping to shape and express the qualities of a country. The music of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Bruce Springsteen come largely from that 'corner', but also 'The Brandenburg Concertos' by Bach, lot of Jimmy Hendrix's music and Charlie Parker.


Some examples of spiritual level 21 music:   Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding), Amazing Grace, What a wonderful World (Louis Armstrong), Hey Jude / All you need is Love (Beatles), Oh happy day (Negro Spiritual), chants of St. Hildegard, Imagine (John Lennon).


Some works of art are clearly inspired by the Zeitgeist, the spirit of their time.


Some TV series, films or video games are carrying devastating influences with them, often generated by a type of addiction to them.


I will be adding on to this article over time. I'd be very interested in your thoughts:



With the following examples I am not trying to establish an abstract and rigid theory. The information I get are intuitive or channelled if you prefer. I have to accept them in the form they come. The whole understanding is linked to feelings rather than being logically consistent (in our eyes!). The examples are an attempt to get a sense of what is involved in the creation of art and to describe or translate what any level is possibly bringing to us.



Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 10 - linked to the planet earth angel

This is a photomontage poster of the new Frank Gehry building of the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, Bois de Boulogne. 

Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 2 - creators of forms

Mental plane Level 17

Astral plane Level 19

Gardens of Eyrignac, Dordogne

Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 10 - planet earth angel

Mental plane Level 29 - underlying concepts of beauty

Astral plane Level 17 - celebration of life and creation

Computer Graphics

Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 12 - archangels

Mental plane Level 20 - thought level of creation

Astral plane Level 17 - generating feelings of celebration of life and creation

Painted glass windows of Sainte Chapelle, Paris

Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 12 - archangels

Mental plane Level 31

Astral plane Level 20 - generating feelings of ecxtasy, delight


Wolfgang Hermann

Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 11 - archangels

Mental plane Level 25

Astral plane Level 24 - generating feelings of eternity, harmony, love



Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 17 -  beings of the arts, love and beauty

Astral plane Level 20 - generating feelings of ecxtasy, delight

'Between supremacy and surrealism', Pierre Schwarzenbach

Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 13 & Zeitgeist/Spirit of our time

Mental plane Level 26

Astral plane Level 18 - generating feelings of compassion

Marie Perret, Air Asia aircrash end december 2014

Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 10 - planet earth angel

Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 7 - Angel/'Spirit' of Far East

Astral plane Level 21 - feelings of unity and softness

Mental plane Level 26 - highly evolved spirit beings                

                                       ...looking after the souls of the victims


Persephone - the return of Spring, Marie Perret

Spiritual Plane Inspiration Level 9 - St. Bridget

Astral plane Level 13 - feelings of joy, celebration of

                                        life and creation 

Painting by Markus Lüpertz

His works are largely inspired by the spirit of his time 'Zeitgeist'

This particular painting is linket to the

Mental plane Level 9 - higher mental, personal level

J.S.Bach Partitas for Soloviolin

composition level 18 - Thrones

interpretation level depends greatly on the violonist; 

Itzhak Perlman for instance reaches 85% others mere 60% e.g.

Practically all the examples here have reached between 65 and 93% of the inspiration level they were drawing on. Which is pretty good.

I would like to express my gratitude to the spirits that gave me these information. I feel very honored and moved in receiving and sharing this. They are NOT my judgments. I would not be able to be that exact.

Andy Goldsworthy's nature art

spiritual level 9 - the Elementals, 93%

mental 25 - thought form of Principalities

astral 13 - acceptance of the bases of circumstances



Byzantine Mosaic in Hagia Sophia, Istambul

spiritual level 19 - Cherubim, 83%

astral 14 - surrender to the divine 

Mandala by Swiss Artist Svetlana Ernst

spiritual level 17 - Cupids, High Angels of Art, 90%

astral level 15 - calmness, naturalness, serenity

blue Maroccan Village

spiritual 1 - village angel / 19 - Cherubim

Gaudi"s casa Battlo, Barcelona

spiritual 17 - Cupids, High Angels of Art, 85%

The White Temple in Thailand

spiritual 17 - Cupids, High Angels of Art, 91%

Beach Mandalas, Andres Amador

spiritual 11 - faith and spiritual strength, 81%

astral 17 - celebration of life and creation

foto itself:  spiritual 6 - angel of nation

Music played in the background 'Transmediterranean Migration - see page 'Embrace'. Concert harp D. Perret

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