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Magic Squares

These magic squares are divine seals, a seal stating traditionally the high rank origin of the author. Some would call them ‘portals’, although I feel ‘windows’ a more appropriate term. They are extremely complex, detailed and elaborate symbols forming a link to the divine or unified field. When looking at the following descriptions, we can easily see, that we may (above all) be caught in concepts. We ought to remember that we need to access the feeling dimension of these concepts in order to get a glimpse of what these windows are potentially showing us.


It is maybe symptomatic for our western culture that, concerning these ‘magic squares’, very few texts and researchers question the word ‘magic’ and its origin. In books or on the internet we find mostly the mathematical-intellectual concerns of the numbers. If only mathematical considerations were important, the squares might instead have also been called ‘mysterious squares’ or ‘mathematical puzzles’. But why did the word ‘magic’ prevail? Some references lead us to the roots of the word:  ‘magus’ or ‘magi’. The word Magi means ‘wise ones’ and relates to those who had a deep knowledge of the divine sciences including astronomy, astrology, alchemy, numerology and the study of the celestial heavens and the ancient star maps. It seems to have been in use in ancient Persia. Today’s term ‘magic’ is derived from it and is used to describe something supernatural or beyond the ordinary. ‘Magic’ refers to a hidden or little understood knowledge about physics, energy and the beauty of the world. A magician being someone who knows how to use these natural features.

The PDF file below is in english. It is a temporary version on the magic squares. See also my book on the subject in german.

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