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How to work with the invisible Dimensions

For anyone sincere, this is a BIG question. How do we know

- who we are dealing with?

- whether they are sincere, trustworthy?

        - whether we understand them correctly?

- whether our questions were precise enough?

- whether we are sincere and not ego based?

Energy and its manifestations are the language of the invisible beings

line, point, cross, circle, square, columns…


Everybody can learn to perceive energy.

Yet everybody may have their own individual way of doing so.

We also need to learn to discern. Not everything that is socalled 'channelled' is worth reading or listening to. The following reflections may not only help you to question your own communication with non physical beings but also to get a sense of the quality of someone else's communication with them.

Some people rely heavily on their feeling perception. This is ok as long as the person knows the difference between their own projections and reality. One needs therefor to know clearly how to distinguish between three types of feelings:  painful emotions (like inferiority/superiority feelings, fears, and all other parts of the lower astral), transformed emotions (upper astral, like joy, enthousiasm, compassion, etc.) and higher feelings (which clearly are situated beyond the astral). These latter are a means to distinguish between two phenomena in the spiritual world, where words cannot succeed.

In my experience, sincere beings of the invisible world, we often call them 'light beings', are very willing to cooperate with us, as long as we are sincere, too.


How can we verify an invisible source?

We do have some tools at hand.

Ultimately, in order to recognize the sincerity and good willed nature of a source, we need to be sincere and good willed ourselves. Should we be able to recognize whether the information is based on unhealthy egoism (greed, search for power, feelings of inferiority/superiority) we need to have transformed and gone beyond these qualities in ourselves. All trustworthy spiritual senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry/higher sense of touch, spiritual discernment, intuition, clear feeling, etc.) are the fruit of the transformation of our ego and thus a thorough work on ourselves. The word psychometry, as used here, is a three-dimensional perception of energy structures at a distance; it is a higher sense of touch.


Quality check

Does our research contribute to improve our contact with the spiritual, the divine field and thus to an improved comprehension of causes?

Do the results of our research essentially uplift?


Are our results (or the answers we get) coherent? Do the spirit beings contradict themselves; do the answers stay consistent and reasonable over a period of time, thus not contradicting our own logic understanding?


Are the results/answers progressive? Do they add to our understanding and do not make us stay on the spot? Does this information bring a reel new understanding; are they useful for the individual or for the society? The gathering of curious, extraordinary, weird information is not good enough.


To what extent are our interpretations the result of group pressure, well accepted group codes, influenced or tinted by a group or an authority?


Does our source lend itself to be verified? Is our source open to inform us about itself? Are there means to verify our source through other higher perceptions as clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, spiritual discernment, intuitive feeling of the truth or through a dialogue with other researchers?


As so often our observation may not match those of other researchers, we need to examine why that is: what is our motivation, check our own results for their quality. Here are some situations that can pop up and suggestions for verification:


Content of research

The object or phenomenon proves to be of an entirely new kind to us

The energy, the object has changed its quality or location

The object is not here anymore

The object has apparently never existed. We have followed a wrong track.

The conditions for an observation are not favorable at the moment.

The spirit beings may want to show us an energy phenomenon of a totally new kind.


The spirit beings

Something in us is attracting the wrong or inappropriate kind of spirits.

The spirt beings have in the mean time evolved their own understanding of the situation.

A type of guardian is hindering the perception. What in us has attracted this type of guardian? Do we lack clarity?

The information is not accessible at the moment.


How to get in contact with quality spirit beings

I can only see going beyond our own ego, this includes the total accepting of who we really are. It is our invisible partners who will come towards us when the time is ready. It would only be our ego who would want to push, which would invariably be an utter failure and only further illusions.


Our own perception and way of thinking

Our beliefs and way of thinking limit our perceptions. Our own doubts and other type of interior blockages create our limitations. We have not opened the necessary inner spaces.

Our motivation is not clear, probably too ego based

My tool of perception (Hartmann antenna, pendulum, dowsing rod, etc.) shows a yet unknown reaction to me.

Is my perception holistic, including feeling (heart), understanding (reason), perception and measurement (hands)

Am I daring to ask the right question, a question that really leads to further and new understanding? More often than not, we cannot even conceive a daring new question, one that leads beyond the present horizon of our consciousness.


Our interpretation

Have we understood the spirit beings correctly?

Our interpretation or drawing is imprecise, shifting, unstable.

Through wrong habits I interpret the results in an imprecise way.

Our understanding is limited, using only a subordinate aspect, we don’t see the rest, the whole picture.

When perceiving a new kind of phenomenon, I interpret it in an inappropriate way.

Our interpretations are too much tinted, distorted by the projections of our ego.

The essential message

In my experience messages from light beings always have a special quality:

- they uplift, ecourage you

- respect your free will

- tell you only what furthers your personal development

- they wont answer your question directly if they consider your question not    to be essential for your process

- don't tell you anything unless you ask them

- nor do they usually tell you things you have not asked for

- they don't give you a longer speech than necessary, that is, they give you        the essential in very few words.
- they have always the very broad perspective in mind

- they give freely. no string attatched

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