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the teachings of the

Sacred Circles


La sagesse des

Cercles Sacrés

Comme la lune et le soleil nous le montrent bien, les cercles ont quelque choses d'intemporel - sans commencement et sans fin.

Cela est probablement la raison pourquoi tant de peuples premiers aiment se rassembler en cercles. Tous y sont égaux et tous se voient.

Il y a de nombreux cercles d'énergie dans la 'nature'. Tous nous enseignent quelque chose de leur sagesse intemporelle. Je vais développer petit à petit. Quelques-uns de ces cercles sont déjà expliqué sur ce site web. En cliquant sur le cercle dans la liste qui suit vous serez dirigé vers ces endroits sur les autres pages web.

As the Moon and the Sun the teachings of the circles are timeless - no beginning and no end. It is our zero.

That's very likely why the native people love to sit in circles. All are equal. Everybody can see each other.

Circles convey divine teachings. Any circle directs our awareness sooner or later to its center. The symbol of consciouscess is depicted as a circle with a dot in the middle. When you meet the energy of a circle it will tend to draw you to its center, to its essence, its reason for being there.

There are numerous energy circles in 'nature'. They all teach us some timeless wisdom. I will explain by and by. Some are already on this website and by clicking on the specific circle you'll be directed to the places on the other web pages here.

It looks like every column of energy, generally speaking, is surrounded by a number of energy circles. See the human aura above. Any angel type being, nature spirit, elementals, etc. anchors themselves with a column of energy into the earth. They all have these circles around them. This is more complex and somewhat puzzling than I can describe here. I just notice it.

Circles of Thrones, usually 3 or 4 circles according to the importance of a place, point at a sacred site. Theses circles have been established a very long time ago, before human beings started to use these places.

The most thorough research I have done on circles has been near us over many years. They are connected to the sacred place at the 'Berboules'.

Zodiac Circles

Around anybody (see drawing above) and around any location (nation, city, spot in nature, a house, etc.) there is a zodiac circle comparable to the medicine wheel and the four or eight directions: North, South, etc. Below : drawing of Peter Dawkins on the zodiac of England. See youtube link below, where he explains it very well.

Petit entête

The upper end is the front of the person. 

In nature the upper end is the north.

I am not an expert on the zodiac, so I just copied some brief descriptions from internet. May this encourage you to search further into the meaning of any zodiac impact in you auragram.

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