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3 Beings of the magic realm are talking


I am not sure why all eight of them were there when I came around the corner of that field. I guess one explanation is that they are from the magical realm and can with no problem be in several places at the same time. Each one of them is always on the same spot 'waiting'. I am not sure 'waiting' is the right expression either, as I am not that important and often feel pretty useless in knowing how to communicate with them. Yet, they are there. I can feel the shapes, usually a type of column of energy. Only the Dragon has a length of over 20m on the ground.

Today I ask each of them if they are ok and whether I can do something for them. One after the other they say that they are ok, and no, I cannot do anything for them. Except for the Great Owl. It says no it is not ok and yes I can do something for her. (I asked her, she is not a 'him'). It is not humans that bother her, it is the energy changes around the world that affect colleagues of the magic realm. That's what she is concerned about. The same answer comes from the White Fairy opposite in that field. The difference between the two, as I understand, is that the Great Owl is more concerned about colleagues of the night and the forest, whereas the White Fairy is more concerned about colleagues of the day and the open areas.

I got used to interviewing nature spirits in that way (see page on the Dagda). As usual I don't logically see anything I might be able to contribute to their distress or concern. But, as they are asking me for help, I presume they know why they are addressing this to me . So, I do not bother too much about my flagrant lack of competence. Offering all kinds of suggestions that they politely decline, they end up with asking me simply to write about it. And, yes, to start a blog on my webpage. Here we are, there we go!

It may sound tricky to communicate with invisible, yet perceptible, beings. My natural scepticism is met by the consistence of their speech (they don't contradict each other or themselves) and the inherent logic (it is far from being completely absurd). In this case writing about their concerns is a way to make it and them known. Secondly it is something within my reach.

The third being that answered 'no, not being ok' was the Goblin, in the field next to it. He remains separate from the others for reasons unknown yet to me. His concern is the animal world today. He says animals are not just sentient beings, as this is slowly recognized, but also intelligent. And this latter faculty is in his opinion not acknowledged enough. He agrees with me writing about it, but no, not just in a blog but generally on any support I want. I thank them and leave for today. I probably have lost you by now.

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