Think tanks in the cosmic layer


The best memory I have from my studies at Zurich University is sitting above the 'Lichthof', the central glass covered court 'of light' (what a name!). It was buzzing with the talking of the students below me in the cafeteria. All around, on several levels, there were the accesses to the lecture halls, libraries and seminar rooms. All in all this was an intense mental-spiritual stimulation for me sitting up there under an arcade.

I was recently exploring with some of my students the outer layers of their energy fields or auras, and we got in touch with egregor type energy structures. Some are out in the inner cosmic layer, that is a layer just outside the earth atmosphere and not yet totally out in the universe. It is a place where beings from the divine dimension and souls meet permanently as a think tank examining matters that concern planet Earth. Think tanks are study groups and research institutes or groups of experts for developping new ideas and solving problems.

Think tanks of that kind are different from heavenly lecture halls, which we can attend between lives, as in these lecture halls you mainly listen to someone teaching.

I have already been in contact with such a think tank for a number of years. The result of our co-operation allowed me to write my last three books. I call them 'C' which referes to the 'college of spirits from Rocamadour'. Although they have an anchoring place in Rocamadour (a famous French pilgrimage place) their activity is much wider and must be considered as a real 'universal' think tank. Our co-operation seems also to have influenced them. We usually cannot conceive that human activity also influences the divine dimension.

There seem to be a total of eleven think tanks in the inner cosmic layer:

- "The Guardians of the Planet Earth" (largely concerned about the flora, fauna and the mineral kingdom).

- one about Art and Beauty

- a think tank with the Angels of Nations and their specific tasks

- one about Human Evolution

- co-operation between the divine dimension and think tanks

- the Magic World

- Cooperation with Extraterrestrials

- Cooperation with the Angelic hierarchies

- Evolution of the planet Earth

- Co-operation with and evolution of Nature Spirits (in the large sense of the word)

Although mentioned in the past here and there, these think tanks are fairly new concepts and will need years to 'wrap our minds around'. People who have them in their energy system (aura) do have a heavenly source of inspiration and wisdom 'at hand'. It is also a responsibility and certainly nothing to puff up our ego with, as this would cut the connection.

I have found a think tank like that in the outer cosmic layer, a layer which is not concerned anymore with planet earth exclusively but rather with the whole universe. Similarly to the 'Guardians of the Planet Earth' they are investigating the evolution of all habitable planets in the universe. You might call them 'Guardians of the Planets'.

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