A nature spirit's complaint about smart meters


Yes, some nature spirits are directly concerned about the introduction of smart meters in France ('linky'). I certainly would not have guessed this until one day a very large fire elemental 'knocked on my door'. He appeared through connecting to the quartz crystal I use. I have described how Devas and landscape angels have been drawing communication lines to that crystal when they need assistance for solving a problem. (see the diary of the Dagda). Their lines appear as thin threads, pointing at the direction where the nature spirit is located.

That particular day a large line appeared, pointing towards the north. The line was about 5 cm wide. As usual I would be informed what distance from the crystal the nature spirit was located. With the help of Google maps I could easily narrow it down to a former church building in Orleans (France). For the first time a very large Fire Elemental asked us for assistance. 'Us' because this happened during a Spiritual Healing course I was teaching here in September 2017. Before going into details, I have to go back in time.

Around 1998 some major shift happened in the invisible world of nature spirits. (source Flensburger Hefte and 'C'). The Divine Dimension decided that the angels that up to then had been advising and coaching Devas and landscape angels had to hand over their job to us humans. As inappropriate as this may seem to us in the first place, it does make sense though when we consider how irresponsible and ignorant we humans have been in dealing with nature. We obviously need to get first hand insights into the tasks and troubles of nature spirits. I have compared our human interventions to being mere operators at an ancient telephone switch board, which is simply connecting beings.

The request of this very large Fire Elemental in Orleans took us a while to figure out, what his concern was and how we could help him. Fire Elementals also deal with electricity (production, transport and consumption). His problem was not nuclear power stations but was connected to the distribution of electricity. Actually it turned out not to be about electricity itself but the information that recently was using the electricity network wires to convey. More specifically, it was the information smart meters were supposed to transport from the consumer to the national electricity company and vice versa.

The debate about the introduction of 'Linky', the French smart meter, has become very emotional in recent times, especially about the danger of having such a meter too close to or inside your house. It was the emotion about the Linky that created the troubles for our Fire Elemental and this was having a detrimental impact on his work. He did not mind the debate but was upset by the strong emotional pollution around it.

Our spiritual healing study group took up the challenge and we had a brief meditation and prayer period where we focused on sending healing thoughts and energy to all the actors involved, to reduce the emotional upheaval to a more objective level of debate. This level should also include the knowledge of and impact on nature spirits.

Mysterious as it may remain for us, after this meditation period the 5 cm wide line had disappeared. Scientific research has abundantly proven that prayer has a measurable effect on people even when far away. I am quite pragmatic here: if I am asked to help non-physical beings (and physical ones of course), I presume they know what they are doing in asking me and I simply contribute what I feel I can do. I don't have to get my 'set of screw drivers' out. It is rather about having faith in the wisdom of the universe.

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