Life overlapping tasks of a Soul

BLOG NO 6 Understanding our psychological issues from childhood and adolescence is necessary. It is however misleading if we don't include a much broader vision of what a soul is trying to achieve on earth.

Many souls are more than 10'000 years old. A soul being the timeless aspect of our deeper being that sends incarnations to earth.

I have interviewed a number of people who remember a series of past lives because of the deep work they have done on themselves over many years. Through that I have come to realize that we all are working on deep meaningful themes that cannot be fully understood in one lifetime. Some souls take many consecutive lives to really find a lasting solution and healing.

Take for instance the deeper issues of learning to handle the female or male energy. As I have come to see, and I will just keep it simple here, many females are faced with a seemingly unsolvable dilemma. Inherent in the female energy is a natural inclination towards compassion and generosity - having an open heart. This tendency gets into conflict with having healthy boundaries and a clear sense of individuality. The more they love, you could say, the more they are loosing themselves (to children, to a male partner or even the world - feeling one with all). Of course this dilemma can be solved but takes a lot of practice, a lot of trial and error, suffering, getting lost, etc.

Males have a similar challenge. They often have a natural tendency to be separate, have clearer boundaries and have an easier time being focussed. At the same time it is much more difficult for them to open their heart, as this seems to go against the above natural tendencies.

I know somebody who has been fighting for several lives for the rights of people, nations, ethnic groups to have the right to decide about their own identity, their values, culture and ways of life. This comes up regularly with native people, the Catalan or Scottish movement of independence. That person had to go through and create a lot of suffering before she understood that compassion had an absolute priority over that right of self determination of people. A similar issue is the one on free expression.

Themes like this are very complex issues of evolution. If somebody feels they have come to terms with such a theme it is very likely because as a soul they have been working on it for a number of lifetimes. All this for to say that sometimes we need to grasp a wider perspective and be tolerant with ourselves around certain issues ....and with others.

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