Why cathedrals and churches are oriented


I have looked at a few hundred churches on Google maps. The more I saw the less I could stop. I quickly realized that only about 25% are oriented according to urban planning reasons. Take Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, for instance. It is located on an island in the Seine river in the middle of the city. They had to orient it parallel to the island and the river.

( Senlis Cathedral left)

The vast majority of churches, chapels and cathedrals astonishingly point basically only in four distinct directions, depending on when their sacred site was first set up. While their nave almost always points east, to the rising sun, there is a constancy in them fitting either -10°, +15°, +45° or +68°. There can be small variations locally because of the local energy grid. I'll come back to the reason for it. Full east would be 0°.

I have not found any explanation for that in books or internet yet. If you know of one, please let me know. Now, here is the reason I have discovered these specific orientations. With my Hartmann antenna (or any dowsing rod) you would find that most churches have an energy line going through the middle of the nave AND a crossing line exactly where the transept is. These lines belong to energy grids covering the whole surface of the earth. There are basically 12 such grids. The best known are the (No 1) Hartmann and the (No 2) Curry grid.

I looked for instance at a good hundred churches in Brittany. 30 of them are oriented at -10° following the No 5 grid, some 38 are oriented according to the No 6 grid.

In Périgord noir I have equally looked at about seventy

churches. 24 of them are oriented at some 15° following the No 6 grid, 10 follow the No 5 grid.

Most cathedrals were built around or after the year 1100. They are usually oriented according to the grid No 8 (see photo above). This started me wondering whether the grids were actually reflecting a particular period in history. It seems to be so. I found that the grid No 8 came into use only after 1050. The grid No 7 was operative between 850 and 1150. Grid No 6 started to be used about 2000 years B.C. and grids No 2-5 before that. Grid No 1 (Hartmann grid) having been the earliest one in use for orienting cult sites, many thousand years ago.

It seems that churches, chapels, abbeys and cathedrals in Europe are more often than not situated on old or very old sacred sites. The ancients had found out about those energy grids and oriented their cult buildings, temples and later churches following the previous building on that spot.

I feel re-owning this knowledge is honoring our ancestors, acting responsibly in the present and opening a meaningful future. The energy grids of those places carry significantly more energy to energize and inspire us. While these places need to be regularly activated - which is seldom the case - we, on our part, need to ask for receiving these energies or inspirations when we are in such a spot.

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