Recent major energy changes


Until December 1999 the etheric energy field around our bodies, plants, trees, furniture extended only 12 cm from the physical surface. With the changeover into the 21st century a gradual expansion took place until around June 2015 the etheric (thick dotted line) reached 63 cm! This is a massive change.

1993 saw the arrival of a fifth type of nature spirits, after the gnomes (earth), ondines (water), salamanders (fire) and sylphs (air). This fifth type is sometimes called Christic nature spirits. Unlike their four predecessors the Christic ones can move around freely. They are not attatched to one particular plant or spot. Yet they chose to be near people and places where they can most help the new co-operation between nature spirits and humans.

Parallel to those new nature spirits a fifth type of elemental has appeared. They are the 'big brothers' of the Christic nature spirits. There are only 3 of the very large Christic or type five Elementals for instance in France. They also move around freely. When I was shown where one of the three was at the moment, it kept moving from the area of Central France westwards to the Atlantic Ocean within about two minutes.

(left expansion of etheric)

At the same time as our own etheric aura expanded to 63 cm from the skin surface, our spiritual aura expanded from about 70 cm and is now about 110 cm from our skin surface. The rim of our mental aura also expanded from about 30 cm to 40 cm from our physical head (see drawing above 'ring aroung the head'). These changes have of course also considerably moved around some structures in our energy fields. These expansions have happened to everyone on the earth.

At the beginning of february 2017 a major change of shifts has occured amongst the landscape angels. Some 'older' ones left their locations to 'newer' ones. In addition some new locations of otherwise stable locations have been created. A landscape angel is the advisor of the Devas and nature spirits working within his 1 km ray.

Again at the beginning of this new century the advisors of landscape angels, elementals and Devas have gradually withdrawn and left their task to humans to care for. I have worked since early 2016 in this capacity without actually looking for it. One day I realized that some nature spirits were contacting me through the quartz crystal. See page on the Dagda and the Crystal. As mentionned in BLOG No 3, I see humans functioning like old telephone switch board operator. We humans seem to be pushed into a position where we have to understand the suffering and problems of nature and how we can help keeping a balance. There are in the meantime many humans participating in this global healing, everyone in their very own way.

Although invisible, these changes are nevertheless perceivable and have major consequences for our lives. Understanding them and adapting ourselves to them reduces our fear of 'hidden' changes.

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