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The mystery school of Eleusis

BLOG No 10

It was Xavier Guichards book 'Eleusis - Alésia' that brought me onto a fascinating track: Isis > Eleuisis > Aléisis > Alésia > Eyzies (?EISIS? in Dordogne near us). He showed the commercial, spiritual and cultural link between Euleusis/Greece and Alésia/Celts in Europe. This sequence is also showing how the teachings of the Isis/Black Virgin came to us from ancient Egypt. It all started in Thebes near Luxor with Isis. From there the teachings were brought to the Greek mystery schools of Eleusis near Athens.

These teachings were known as being strictly secret. Nobody was allowed to talk about what was taught in those schools. According to Aristotle future initiates did not receive intellectual teaching, nor doctrines, but were brought to experience impressions and feelings. Nothing esoteric or complicated was taught. What was being transmitted could not be spoken or written about as it was not based on books but on pure experience. Any explanation outside the school was condemned to remain partial and therefore misunderstood and misleading. The other reason why it was better not to talk about the teachings was that they were leading people to autonomy and independence. This was not always welcomed by the people in power.

My own experience leads me to believe that these kinds of teachings are based on three levels of initiation, three phases if you prefer. They seem to correspond to the three druidic circles of teaching. Again, nothing esoteric, but rather natural and simple. The first level is to learn to accept fully you present life's circumstances (work, money, habitat, relationship, one's own body) and through this acceptance to become properly grounded. The second level would lead you into perceiving and accepting the invisible worlds. The third level is leading you into the 'virgin blackness' or the sphere of the Black Virgin (Isis). It is a sphere of no thoughts, of the origins of creation, the domain of the Earth Goddess who is at the same time the Goddess of the Universe.

On Google maps you can visit the site of Thebes (see aerial photo on right), as well as Eleusis, the French Alésia (14 km south of Besançon) and the sacred site in the Vézère Valley near les Eyzies (Berboules, Sergeac, Dordogne). All of them are connected through an energy line. All of them have the three wide energy circles around them. These circles have been called the three Druidic circles of teachings. In Thebes e.g. three important energy grids are crossing. (Read more about them on my webpage)

Archeology has documented the rich links between Greeks and the Celts of that area. So, there is good reason to believe the druidic teachings were in essence identical to the one's coming from Eleusis and Thebes. The energy structures in all four places (including Dordogne) are identical. Alésis was the last place where these teachings were taught on the continent. When defeating the Celts in the battle of Alésia Cesar subsequently completely destroyed their cults and spiritual teachings.

Until 52 A.D. Alésia had been functioning as the spiritual center of a vast part of Europe for more than sixteen hundred years ! The druidic teachings after that continued for some time in the British Isles until the Romans got there too. The teachings are not lost and, due to their simplicity, never were. But, as someone said: 'Leading a happy life is quite simple; becoming simple though is quite difficult.'

This morning came into my mind the Roman 'fascio', symbol of authority and later of fascism. The question stays in my mind whether the Roman influence had a fascist aspect destroying individualism, democracy, creativity and spirituality - thus ultimately destroying the teachings of the Black Virgin, the mother of Creation. This Roman symbol of state authority is composed of beech rods and an axe, both used for punishments (flagellation and beheading).

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