Meeting the Magician


I regularly walk around some small lakes close to where I live. They host a beautiful bird sanctuary and are surrounded by hilly forests. There is a particular part of the forest on the lake side that I would call magic. The trees, the undergrowth, and the light are different there. I have been aware of a presence near the southern side of this place at least a dozen times . I notice it as a small column of energy, the size of a human being. From one time to the next it would move slightly within the same corner. I asked what or who it was. It was nobody I had met before and turned out to be one of the eight beings of the magic world, the Magician. I imagine him with his pointed hat, a bit like a Gandalf figure and he is quite pleased with that. I always used to greet him and ask if he was o.k. Our conversation normally ended there, as I could not do anything for him and he always said he was o.k.

Yesterday, it was different. He had moved closer to the water and was there in the sun, still next to the walking path. This time he said he was o.k. but, yes, I could do something for him. As usual, I moved through a number of questions as to what I could possibly do for him. For a few minutes I could not find a suggestion that would lead any further. Then I remembered that I also see him down in another valley with all the other beings from the magic realm : the Unicorn, the Crystal Stag, the Great Owl, the Light, the White Fairy, the Goblin and the Dragon (see blog No 1).

I asked whether he could be on several locations at the same time. Yes, he could. He said he would appear on those two places when he knew I’d be passing. I wanted to know roughly how many such places in Dordogne he would connect to? He said there were a bit less than 100 such locations in Dordogne and about 9’000 in the whole of France. That means an average of about 100 magical places per French political county (French departements).

These places are always ‘magical spots’ because of their beauty, their atmosphere. They act as doors or portals to the magic world. There are the few spots where the two worlds can more easily meet. The magic feelings these eight beings bring with them seems to come from the Holy Spirit if I understand the Magician correctly. They bring a special fragrance with them to remind us of the magic of Creation. We too easily forget : this magic is an essential ingredient of Creation. It enchants us and connects us with something deep and awesome. Each one of the eight magic beings has its own space or aspect. The Great Owl connects us to the space of night, the Unicorn to silence, etc. Walt Disney and many fairy tales helped to keep this invaluable aspect of creation alive and kept reminding us of it. What would life be without these magic moments and places? We need to become aware of them and make sure they are protected.

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