A Mind without Intellect ?

BLOG No 12 We are usually convinced that the mind is the intellect. Yet, the intellect is only a tool of the mind or of our mental capacities. It is usually called the ‘lower mental’ (see drawing: below the horizontal line above the ears). The lower mental is often infiltrated and fueled by limiting emotions such as fear, shame or an inferiority complex, that leads to wanting to impress others. As a tool the lower mental provides us with logic, discernment and analyzing faculties ….but still it is only a tool.

There is a pure ‘upper mental’ (above the horizontal line above our ears). Often the lower mental is so dominant that we hardly know about the potential of the upper part of the mental aura. We sometimes simply call it ‘intuition’ or 'mind'. This is a coarse

description and does not tell us much about the upper mental. This part of the mental aura is capable of perceiving very fast and high frequency messages or impulses. These can come in the form of symbols, numbers, images, all carrying a great depth of information. We can thus briefly catch a glimpse of a number or symbol. It may sometimes take months or years until we can decipher and understand their meaning.

Our etheric energy field hosts our senses. We call them ‘physical senses’, yet they are etheric. Within the etheric above our heads we have got two points (drawing: the two dots above our head). We call these points ‘etheric eyes’ or ‘etheric ears’. They are part of our ‘sixth sense’. Once our lower mental becomes less predominant through personal development these etheric eyes move up into the upper mental aura. They become a very powerful means of observation. They allow us to sense or locate things in our surroundings that our ‘physical’ eyes cannot see.

The upper mental, once activated, becomes very receptive to communication with non-physical beings. Without going into details, there is a vast number of wise non-physical or spirit beings. Angels are only part of them. For instance non-physical beings can answer questions with the help of a pendulum or a Hartmann antenna (see blog No 3). These spirit beings can also show us energy structures on a map, a simple drawing or an inner image of a distant place. This is often clearly beyond our logical mind’s comprehension.

A bit better understood and scientifically researched is the effect of prayer, which essentially is carried through the upper mental energy. In the drawing you can see, that the mental aura includes the heart chakra, the chakra of compassion (the lowest of the little circles). This energy can expand to whatever place we think of. If we think of the moon, a part of our mental energy field will be there. The upper mental capacity is thus giving us access to information linked to distant places.

Using our mind in this way is - in my understanding - what evolution is aiming at. This process has required two things : the education of our mental capacities through schooling without getting lost in pure intellectual, ego fueled efforts. In order to avoid the influence of our emotions (the astral), we needed, as a culture, to free ourselves from or establish a control over the astral influences.

The upper mental needs a pure, compassionate intention, free from egotistical emotions. Otherwise it cannot reveal its full potential. This very long process in evolution is an explanation why we, as a species, had to move away from idyllic, harmonious ways of life within nature and go to cities with universities,

schooling facilities and computers. We have reached a point in evolution where we can now see the effects of our past erroneous actions towards nature. The opening to the upper mental potential gives us the tool to understand and bring healing to the earth and all its inhabitants, visible or invisible. is My motivation in writing this series of blogs is to better understand this process.

Drawing: the ring around the head is called the rim of the mental aura. It is within this ring that the mental energy withdraws when at rest.

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