What is the Divine Dimension ?

BLOG No 13

Is there only one God or many ? For many centuries that used to be THE question. 'God' is a too simplistic a concept, as we have no precise idea who or what 'God' is. We can reduce the problem to faith and leave it at that or try to look deeper. We may want to widen the definition of God to a 'Divine Dimension' or 'Divine Field'. If we want some clarity we first need to separate the exploration of the Divine Dimension from the Christian church or any form of religious organisation.

Dan Brown's new book : 'Origin' makes it the central theme. Is God going to become an obsolete concept and be replaced by science and artificial intelligence? His conclusions are a bit thin and disappointing, though the whole plot is as usual brilliantly written.

For many centuries there has been a fair amount of agreement about the existence of a hierarchy of angels. I wrote about some channeled information I received on this subject ('Creating Divine Art - The Origins of Inspiration'). Among the hierarchy of angels there are quite different levels. I propose to differentiate between three levels of angels: 1. The Rulers or Givers of Divine Instructions and Impulses (Cherubim, Seraphim, Thrones, Cupidos) ; 2. The Administrators ; 3. The Transmitters or Messengers that bring this information or guidance to humans and to a variety of nature spirits. (see also my webpage on the subject)

The picture on the right shows a Tibetan Buddhist representation of highly evolved masters. These beings once lived on earth and can be considered as part of the invisible world or Divine Dimension equal to the mystics and saints of all time and religions.

Beyond angels and spiritual masters there seems to be an impenetrable space often described as awe inspiring. No explorer has been able to bring more detailed information about this space. Personally I sense this space as being the highest consciousness, that would be the Creator(s), the Source.

Interesting enough, the female opposite to this male Creator(s), the Black Virgin or virgin Blackness, as I like to call her, is more ready to talk to us through channelling. I have printed some fascinating ones in my book 'Music as a Mystical Journey'. She says she is also Mother Earth of all cultures past and present, Marie mother of Christ, the Isis of ancient Egypt, etc. Where the Creator(s) are bringing the 'seed' or impulse, she is the Mother of Creation, bringing those seeds to fruition in 'her womb'. She said recently that she is the source of Love, of motherly Love. This made me wish to return that love, in a kind of natural downward movement, to the Earth, to Nature and all her beings, visible and invisible. In a parallel movement, and through the work of inner transformation, energy is freed to move back 'up' to the Source. The Creator(s), the Black Virgin, Christ, Buddha and comparable beings in other parts of the world would obviously be part of the upper Divine Dimension as well as the No 1 category of angels, the Rulers.

In recent years I have been led to discover the immense complexity of non-physical beings that one could loosely call nature-spirits. There are a multitude of higher beings amongst nature spirits. As part of the Divine Dimension I would include the higher nature-spirits, like for instance the very large Elementals (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and the new Elementals of the fifth type). I would also count the Queen of the Devas in the Divine Dimension.

In Blog No 2 I mentioned Think Tanks in the Universe. Probably one could include quite a few of their members as being part of the Divine Dimension. Seen like this, the Divine Dimension seems rather large. We could call the beings belonging to it 'Light Beings' as they all have the qualities of respecting our free will, of being truthful, uplifting and compassionate. There seem to be different spheres or places in this Divine Dimension that have different frequencies and host different categories of Light Beings a bit like parallel divine worlds.

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