The Healing of Auschwitz

BLOG No 14 From Fascism to Creativity -

The far right has just got into the Austrian government again. With each election in recent months the people of Europe have to decide why they need to reject the extreme right wing ideologies and parties in Holland, Germany, France and Austria. What is at stake is serious.

Whilst finishing my new French book 'L'Accès aux Mondes Invisibles' - 'The Access to Invisible Worlds' I stumbled upon something puzzling. I have been researching into numerous sacred sites mainly in Europe, often on Google Maps. I discovered that there is a particular type of sacred site that had been intended by Spirit at the beginning of time to come into function one day as a sacred site. The energy signature of this divine design is a number of very wide concentric circles and usually two crossing lines of important energy grids. Having studied hundreds of such sites I have little doubt that this typical energy structure indicates a sacred site. Usually you would find cathedrals built there, but not always as this sacred site of the Navajo Indians shows (See map above).

To my great surprise I discovered the same energy structure at the extermination camp of Auschwitz as well as at the site of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, which lies only 100 km away. I found a similar energy signature at Hitler's 'Eagle Nest' in Berchtesgaden and remembered that some Nazi leaders were interested in the esoteric use of energy. Their knowledge, as misdirected as it was, allowed them to discover the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau and to build an extermination camp on it. They knowingly misused this very old sacred layout.

The fact that the site of the Black Virgin of Czestochowa has the same layout made me inquire into the nature and proximity of these two sites. They seem to form a polarity of opposites. Without going into detail, the Black Madonna or Black Virgin is the Mother of Creation or creativity. She is Mother Nature and Mother Earth of old but is also very active in the present through her task in connection to the site of Auschwitz and throughout Europe. Fascism is the very opposite: not respecting the individual's freedom of expression and thus suppressing individual creativity.

I asked about the degree of healing that all the prayers for Auschwitz had accomplished since WW II. The answer I got from the spirits was 'barely 12%' ! I was taken aback. The spirits then said that the complete healing of the energies and memories around Auschwitz-Birkenau would only happen when the European people really understand and reject fascism. I don't know how many refugees we should let into Europe. I am just aware that this issue brings up fear that right wing populist/fascist parties exploit to gain power. And we know what state fascism is capable of.

Fascism is built on fear and generates fear in order to stay in power. Creative expression generates joy and freedom. It strengthens the soul's individual purpose based on compassion, love and understanding. These are values of the 'heart'. Our teachers used to say: 'Love does not exist .....unless expressed.' That is where creative expression comes in. Fear, segregation and building illusionary walls around us is the mentality of the solar plexus. It is this transformation from the solar plexus/stomach area up to the heart and the thyroid chakra of expression that changes our energy and our mentality. Interesting enough, the solar plexus is the 'fire area' of the body. Its mentality struggles with all the misuse of fire (arms, explosives, suicide bombers, nuclear power, etc.). The heart is the air area with a strong link to joy, generosity and the contact to the spiritual. Let's think and seriously talk about it.

(Icon of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa).

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