Walking around the Edge


This series of blogs is about what you could call "Integral Ecology" and how to become aware of all the different aspects (nature spirits, fauna and flora, water, air, rocks, etc.) that make up 'our natural world' or ecosystem.

Integral Ecology is about bringing the natural world, this ecosystem into a better balance. However a perfect balance does not exist, nor does perfect health. We are all continuously working towards it. Becoming aware of the important factors that contribute to harmony, balance and equilibrium in the natural world is essential for getting a better control. Considering the state of the world or in this article the state of its ecosystems, we realize that we - maybe as always - urgently need to learn more about how it functions and who is participating in it. Crises propel us forward if we pick up the challenge. I believe this is evolution.

We define this ecosystem as an interdependence of species and beings. Its instability today is due not only to greed but also to a lack of awareness and understanding of the intelligence behind nature and how all of that works together. We all too often think that what we don't see does not exist. Yet there are many more invisible beings and sources of intelligence than visible, physical ones.

Wohlleben the German forest warden wrote about the hidden life of trees based on his daily work in the forest. As a good product of our western education he only examined what he could see. He did that well by realizing that trees are linked through many different systems (roots, micro-organisms, smells, etc.). He came close to understanding that trees are intelligent beings and was only a step away from realizing that trees are somehow 'conscious beings'. He would have had to ask what the consciousness of a tree is made of. He did not.

This is a bit like being amazed that a pair of shoe laces suddenly appear tied in a beautiful knot, thus securing our shoes for a walk, whereas an hour before they were laying limp in their holes. Obviously there was an intelligent being making the knots. Consciousness is emanating from a conscious, sentient being, which is to say from an intelligent, feeling and reasoning being.

A tree is a complex organisation of invisible beings: the 'director' is the Deva of the tree. She leads the myriad of nature spirits that look after the system of liquids (ondines or water elemental beings), the system of roots, trunk, branches and twigs (gnomes or earth elemental beings), the system of reproduction (the salamander or fire elemental beings for the flowers, fruits and seeds) and finally the sylphs, the air elementals that look after scents and smells. You would have multitudes of ondines working on the movement of the sap of the tree. These four main nature spirits are the better known of the invisible beings in the ecosystem.

Lately much of my work is focused on a large number of conscious beings that make up our invisible ecosystem. I am presenting them by and by in these blogs. I have written so far about the spirits of our countries, towns and villages (more details are in my book 'Faith is the Bridge'), landscape angels, Devas, Dagdas, the - soon to come - very large Elementals of earth, water, fire, air and of the 5th type. Blog no 1 was about the beings of the Magic Realm. I then wrote about the beings that set up the energy grids of the earth that the ancients perceived and used to orient their cathedrals and sacred buildings.

So, taking a walk around the edge of our present day conscious knowledge allows us to gradually expand into a larger reality. All beings, visible or invisible, bring intelligence, wisdom, beauty and knowledge. It is my conviction that we would be wise to team up with all of them if we want to bring more harmony and balance and well-being to our world and our lives. This includes of course all the visible sentient beings as well, such as first nation people with their innate wisdom about nature, ecologists, biologists, wild and domestic animals, insects, etc.

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