Interview with a Nature Spirit

BLOG No 16 Interview with a nature spirit

The purpose of these interviews is to show that, although invisible, we are dealing with intelligent beings as if we were talking with someone on the phone. It is not because we don't see them that we doubt their existence or intelligence.

I am getting the yes/no answers to my questions through the use of my Hartmann antenna (see photo). Other mediums directly channel words and sentences, which I cannot at the moment.

In the beginning I noticed a column of energy behind our house and wanted to know what or who it is. (Photo above of six type 5 nature spirits in Eyssal organic farm near Bergerac.)

What Type of being are you

Are you a being ? - yes

Are you a light being ? - yes (as opposed to a non respectful being)

Are you from the angelic hierarchy - no

Are you a nature spirit - yes

R u one of the five types of elementals - yes

R u an earth elemental - no

...a Water elemental - no

...a Fire elemental - no Air elemental - no

R u a 'Type five' elemental - yes (explained further down)

R u a small elemental - no

R u a large elemental - no

R u a very large elemental - no

R u a medium size elemental - yes

(these are the four categories or sizes of elementals)

So, you are a medium size type five elemental - yes

Your main task is to encourage the co-operation between humans and nature spirits - yes

Is your location fixed - no

So, you are not attached to a plant, a tree etc - no

You can move around freely and decide where you want to be - yes

Is the territory in which you can move limited - yes

Is it roughly a square km - yes

Yet, not every square km has a type 5 being like you - no

Are there at the moment 15 type 5 beings in Dordogne - yes

Six of which are at the moment in Eyssal (see photo) - yes

(I have not included my questions that led me to determining the

precise year as I will now show you below.)

The purpose of being here

R u going to stay at this place behind our house for a while - yes

R u here because we are working on this co-operation issue - yes

R u doing more than observing - yes

R u bringing impulses to our work - no

Is it only beings from the angel hierarchy that bring impulses - yes

R u helping to facilitate the communication between nature spirits and humans - no

Do you mean “not at all” - no

Do you mean “not exactly” - yes

Do you explain to nature spirits what is going on here in terms of co-operation - yes

Is this your main task here - yes

Do you have to motivate them to co-operate - no

Is it because they are quite willing to co-operate anyhow - yes

Do you have to explain our action to them - yes

Is it because you yourself have an understanding of these processes of co-operation - yes

Have you been trained to do so and understand - no

You mean this is inherent to your nature as type five being - yes

When did you come into existence

R u a relatively recent creation, a new type of being - yes

Did you come into being before the year 2000 - yes

...before 1990 - no

...after 1990 - yes (This is a double check question)

...before 1995 - yes

...before 1994 - yes

...before 1993 - no

So, you came into being in 1993 - yes

Have all your type five beings been created the same year - no

Have some been created before 1993 - no

The purpose of being here, part 2

Is your presence here mainly to reassure nature spirits - no

Does your task consist of explaining to them what is going on - yes

Have I missed out on an important task of yours - yes

R u here also to learn about this new way of co-operating - yes

Is the major reason you are here at Centre du Vallon because of our healing work through the crystal and nature spirits - yes

Did the Dagda bring that type of work about - no

Did C* bring that type of work into being - yes

Is it you, type 5 being, answering the last two questions - yes

Have we sufficiently describe your work here - no

(* C being a group of spirit beings I am in contact with)

Does your work also consist of bringing information up to larger type 5 elementals - no

Is this because they know anyhow instantly what you know - yes

Are you part of a work group with the other type 5 beings - yes

Is this work group studying this new type of co-operation - yes

Have we sufficiently described your work here - no

Do you have to teach nature spirits how to co-operate - no

Do you have to protect the process from intrusive beings - yes

Do you want to tell us about them - no

Have we sufficiently described your work here - yes

R U geographically speaking coming from somewhere – no

R U brought into existence by other beings – yes

Did beings from the angelic realm create you – yes

From above sphere 10 – yes (see link for the angelic realm)

Above sphere 15 – no / From sphere 11 – no / From sphere 12 – no / from sphere 13 – yes

Sphere 13 are beings called ‘Lordships’ or ‘Kyriotetes’ – yes

Amongst the different types of Kyriotetes is it the beings that are in charge of spreading the true teachings of Christ - yes

Is that also why you are called Christic nature spirits - yes

It is about a quality of being rather than being a member of a religion – yes

Are Type 5 nature spirits like you operating all over the world – yes And this has got nothing to do with having to be a Christian - no

Is a new type 5 spirit brought into being when the time is ready for a new one to be allocated to a specific territory or spot – yes

Is your task to bring love, compassion, mutual respect and co-operation into this relationship of nature spirits and humans – yes

Is this the essence of your task – yes

Can we explore why this co-operation is so important for our time – yes

Is it so that humans learn to be more responsible and understanding of their relationship to the nature kingdom – yes

So that we can love, respect, understand nature and the processes involved – yes

So that we can avoid deteriorating nature – yes

So that we can learn to help heal nature – yes

So that we can be active in establishing and keeping a harmonious co-existence - yes

This involves humans calling upon the forces of love (Devas) in nature to more actively participate in the growing and healing processes – yes

So that we learn how our thoughts and feelings can call upon beneficial forces to participate – yes

It is also about learning more about the power of ‘our’ thoughts - yes

This would enable us to have better crops and use far less chemicals – yes

Can we completely do without chemicals in working with nature – yes

Our co-operation with nature spirits is necessary because nature as a system is far too complex for us to interfere for instance with chemicals – yes

Because we cannot possibly know all the side effects without this co-operation, correct – yes

For this co-operation to be successful and wide spread it will take quite some time – yes

Time of learning and practicing – yes

Can we do without this co-operation – no

Would further deterioration of nature would come about – yes

Increasing deterioration of soil quality – yes

Poisons in our food – yes

Even illness – yes

There are relatively few type 5 nature spirits here in Dordogne for instance – yes

Is it because the learning process is slow – yes

Can you move beyond the square km area that has been allocated to you – yes

Can you be in several areas at the same time – no

Are there already a number of people who co-operate in this described way with nature without knowing or consciously communicating with nature spirits – yes

Is it because they work from ‘their heart’ – yes

Yet, it seems important that many more people know about you and how to co-operate – yes

Is it because this conscious co-operation needs to reach many more people – yes

Is it the will of people that indirectly bring new beings like you into existence – yes

Is it important that this co-operation is built on free will – yes

Is there urgency for this co-operation – yes

Is it a race against continuing degradation of nature, soil, food and living qualities – yes

The whole Science of Biology has to be rethought on these new grounds - yes

This learning process opens us to the immense knowledge and wisdom in nature – yes

Interviews like this make our contact more real – yes

It is immensely valuable to document with comparative photos what happens to plants for instance, with (right plant bed) or without co-operation (left plant bed), as done in the work in Eyssal – yes (see photo)

Do you want to tell us something else - yes

R u happy if we publicise this interview - yes

Do you want to tell us something else - no

Thank you for this interview

Was it a pleasure for you - yes

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