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Labelling something as intuition or inspiration has not satisfied me. I have explored, with the help of the College of Spirits of Rocamadour ('C'), the origins of Inspiration. The wheels of perception (below) gave me another insight. Working with 'C' made me understand that most of what we call intuition or finer perceptions are brought to us by spirit or light beings when we are ready for it. Here two quotes from Bob Moore on the subject:

“It is very difficult to produce descriptions of feeling. Having worked with people for many years now, it seems to me that the word feeling has been strongly related to emotion. One can look at feeling and find that if one follows the movement through emotional conditions within us, one of course is drawn to feeling. One can look at that and say that it is the upper bracket of emotions. It is. But then that doesn’t end the connection to feeling. In fact one can say that is only the beginning.”

“The reflector or warmth ether contains the feeling between people, contains world memory, knowledge, wisdom, including physical memory, intuitions. Thoughts enter here before entering the brain.


The reflector ether is the highest ether, the highest energy contact that you can achieve. In that energy contact you have got all the things that are necessary, you have peace, contentment in yourself, you have your connection with the universe, you have a relationship to light, you have what is drawn from that light into the body through the                                                                      chemical ether and then you have the balance of life which you will find in the                                                                      balance with nature and yourself. The reflector ether is reflecting all of that as a                                                                  combination, but centred really on the peace.”


                                                            'C' tells me that with 'universe' is actually meant the contact we have with non                                                                      physical beings, light beings. 'Thoughts enter here....' are impulses coming from                                                                  those light beings. These thoughts dont come 'out of thin air'.


                                                             This drawing of the mental aura shows the two sensing points of the etheric or                                                                    etheric eyes (the two dots above the head). These are situated in the reflector                                                                      ether. Thus they are points of contact with the spirit beings.


Wheels of Perception

Discovering these horizontal wheels of perception with five chakras - root/hara - solar plexus - heart - thyroid - pineal - combined with my research into the origins of inspiration (see webpage on 'How to create Divine Art'), makes me suspect that there is more to just Intellect on one hand  -  and Intuition on the other.

Allthough a useful first step it seems to say:   intellect is based on past knowledge and intuition is a black box for all the rest. This is not satisfying. We have also instinctive intelligence, which is not intellect and at the same time based on past experience. I call it the wisdom of the body. Its seat is in the hara and the etheric.

Though I do not fully understand these wheels, it looks like that we have minimum eight sections, eight different fields of perception or knowledge. Some people can develop the perception on a particular chakra much further and having 12 or 16 sections. The first 8 sections are identical with each person, so are the 16 sections. The expansion into 12 sections happens according to the person's fields of interest or potential, that is the four additional sections are 'chosen' from the eight remaining.

Concerning the first 8 sections of the heart chakra:  The top two sections are based on a higher feeling perception. Higher levels of inspiration would come from there. (see again page on 'How to create Divine Art'). While the divine field consists of spheres and levels we are beginning to understand in a more differentiated way, the 'Nameless' is basically the Unknown or the Great Spirit, God, etc. You are very welcome to discuss and contribute:


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