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Music & Energy

Music & Energy

Methodology in dealing

with the invisible

Amazon.co delivers b/w inside and colour cover. Amazon.fr and Amazon.co.uk is full color, so is e-book version and BoD  (Europe only).

Music & Energy                           Earth Healing                         Spiritual Healing

La_Harpe_et_les_Soins_à_Distance BoD cov
The Harp in Distant Healing Cover BoD Li
Heilen Umschlag Vorderseite copy.jpg
Erd-Heilen Umschlag.jpg
Effets subtils de la Musique001.jpg
Acces Front cover ondly copy.jpg
Chakras Umschlag.jpg
Front copy.jpg
And the Angels 3 pedal harp space copy.j
CD cover 'Like a Bird' conert harp & double bass Brice Soniano
CD Cover ' How to embrace Suffering and Beaty'
Deep Grounding.jpg
CD cover 'A Touch of India'
Affiche Festival Bars 2018 de chants et msiqes sacrés spontanés
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