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Distant Healing Session with the Harp

For a distant healing session with the harp,

I need your name. It will last 15 minutes during which time you sit or lay, mediate and feel, according to what you are used to. We aggree on a day and a time beforehand. You are welcome to write to me afterwards and share or ask questions.

You would send me beforehand 30.- €

This potential has been shown to me by spirit beings, explaining how it works and what the conditions are. I have published a booklet on the subject:  'Distant healing with the harp' / 'Harpe et Soins à distance'

Forms of Distant Healing                        Daniel Perret


I have been part of the small group sending distant healing linked to the work around Ignacio in Denmark for a number of years. I have also been sending distant healing to people since the eighties when Bob Moore taught us how to do it. I am teaching spiritual healing mainly in France. In recent years my work has shifted from personal transformation work towards nature healing. I have written a number of books as research works on these subjects, which include my updated understanding of energy work. I am also playing the harp, exploring improvisation, creativity, and the effects of sound.


In recent years I have been contacted by numerous nature spirits of all kinds and sizes to send them distant healing. In the beginning I used prayer. Since spring 2019 they explicitly ask me to play the harp instead. There is something particular about the harp as different mythologies from ancient Greece, Egypt, Celtic Ireland, and the Bible have documented. This is due to its many strings that resonate when you play. I have recently published a booklet about distant healing with the harp for those interested.


I am particularly interested in understanding what happens when a harpist plays for distant healing as the receiver cannot hear anything. Bob Moore’s teachings about energy have brought me some understanding. The upper layer of the reflector (or warmth) ether is very important in this process. Bob once said: “The reflector or warmth ether contains the feeling between people, it contains world memory, knowledge, wisdom, including physical memory, intuitions. Thoughts enter here before entering the brain. The reflector ether is the highest ether, the most advanced contact we can reach with energy. In this contact with energy you have all the things that are necessary: peace, contentment with yourself, you have the connection with the universe … and finally you have the balance between nature and yourself. The reflector ether is the combination of all of this, but essentially centered around peace.”


I am able to observe the spread of healing energy in this reflector ether generated by the harp as a widening circle on google maps. Students of mine present in the room could also observe it. The map here shows how it is spreading after 3 minutes, 4 minutes etc.


Sending healing or a prayer is based on the universal love and light energy. There is a difference between humans and nature concerning distant healing. Humans have a free will and can decide how and when they want to integrate and apply this healing energy. This process of integrating healing is about growing, soul growing. We may wonder why plants, nature spirits and even certain angels would ask for distant healing as they do not have a free will in the same way that we do? The many requests I have received from them over the years made me think that perhaps they need occasional help to become embedded in the universal love and for example re-connect to ‘coaches’ in order to overcome disharmonies that happen through the recent energy changes and evolution. Our action as physical-feeling-thinking human beings seem to contribute to this balance and even more so in recent years. We are increasingly asked to contribute more actively to nature, better understand how nature works and how a harmonious connection could evolve.


This spring I witnessed the introduction of a new kind of nature spirits who have come specifically to encourage distant healing to be sent to our immediate natural surroundings. They for instance, explain to nearby nature spirits that some healing energy directed at them is coming from humans. I now include local nature healing in my daily distant healing practice, reviewing in my mind the walks I do, the valley, the places I know nearby. This awareness encourages us to take care of nature beyond our own garden or property. It gives us a more distinct focus, different from global Earth healing and may incite us to take more responsibility for our neighborhood. Think global – act local.


All these different forms of distant healing have made me think about their specificities and differences. I used this peculiar period of confinement during spring to write a booklet about this (see below). The fact that we all can contribute to the urgently needed healing of nature, animals, the earth, and persons is encouraging.


“Distant Healing with the Harp”, BoD 2020

“Contributing to Healing - Nature healing, distant healing, spiritual healing, prayer, collective actions”, BoD 2020

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